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Pathology Labs in Mumbai

(1073389 Ratings & Reviews) 4.1 Average Ratings
Pathology labs offer end-to-end diagnostic solutions to detect a wide range of diseases and abnormalities. Getting blood tests and other examinations done is usually the first step advised by doctors so as to detect the probable condition in a patient. Basic tests like complete blood count examination as well as tests like complete thyroid profile and lipid profile are tests that are usually conducted by every diagnostic centre. Laboratories are present in majorly every neighbourhood at convenient locations so as to be easily accessible to the locals to get pathology tests done. Adding to the convenience of patients, a number of pathological labs offer pathology services of sample collection wherein the samples are collected from your residence. Many centres are also equipped to conduct X-rays, sonography, 2D Echo, ECG test and stress test. The precision with which the tests are performed lead to accurate results making the clinical pathology laboratories reliable. To browse through all the pathology labs in Mumbai, kindly scroll up.

All about the significance of pathology labs in Mumbai!

Medical speciality identifying the cause and nature of diseases, pathology is a very important branch. The pathologists play a crucial role in researching, devising new treatments and advancing medicine to combat infections, viruses and diseases. The pathologists examine and test body tissues (for example, from biopsies and pap smears) and bodily fluids (for example, samples including blood and urine). Based on the findings, the doctors diagnose and treat their patients. Helping these medical specialists to carry out their role smoothly are the pathology labs in Mumbai. These laboratories are equipped with all the latest and the most advanced equipment required to obtain the results of specific medical tests.

What are some of the most common tests pathology labs Mumbai has perform?

北京28A pathology test examines your urine, blood, faeces or samples obtained by biopsy. Doctors and medical professionals depend on this information for diagnosing and treating diseases and other conditions. Some of the most common pathology tests are:

Liver Function Tests (LFT)-北京28 This test measures enzymes, proteins, and substances which are produced by the liver. It provides the doctor with a clear understanding of the health of your liver.

Full Blood Examination- FBE is also known as the Full Blood Count (FBC blood test) or Complete Blood Count (CBC). It is performed to obtain information regarding the numbers and correct development of cells in the blood. Anaemia, infections and some blood cancers may lead to abnormalities in the FBE blood test.

Iron studies-北京28 Iron is an important nutrient that your body requires for forming sufficient numbers of normal red blood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen in the body. Low iron levels may result in easy fatigue and lack of energy. It is crucial to identify the cause of the iron deficiency. Also, an excessive amount of iron in the blood can lead to haemochromatosis, which may increase the chances of liver disease, diabetes, arthritis and heart failure. An early diagnosis can help to prevent these conditions.

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Quantification-北京28 This is a blood test which is performed for screening, diagnosing and monitoring treatment for thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. These problems may occur due to many factors such as infections, pregnancy, tumours, and even some medications. Since the thyroid hormones are known to control numerous functions like heart rate, breathing, general energy levels and weight, it is necessary that these hormones are produced at the right levels.

Urinalysis-北京28 This test is recommended by doctors for identifying metabolic disorders (such as diabetes) and kidney disorders through urine sample.

INR (International Normalized Ratio)-北京28 Through this test, doctors can check how efficiently warfarin, the clot-preventing medication is working. This medication is recommended to people with heart conditions. The test measures the length of time it takes a person on warfarin medication to convert one protein (prothrombin) to another (thrombin). In a nutshell, this test helps to identify the effectiveness of the drug.

When do doctors send patients for blood and pathology tests?

北京28If the doctor doubts of a potential health risk, he/she may recommend for a pathology test. You may be sent for a test to

1. look for potential health risks

2. screen for disease

3. diagnose an illness

4. give a prognosis

5. monitor your illness or medications

北京286. prepare for treatment

What is the cost of the common pathology tests?

北京28Given below is an approximate price table.

Test Approximate cost
Liver Function Tests (LFT) Rs. 250 onwards
Full Blood Examination Rs. 150 onwards
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Test Rs. 200 onwards
Iron studies Rs. 100 onwards

Please Note- The prices mentioned above are indicative.

In Mumbai pathology labs provide great support to the doctors. When looking for reliable pathology labs in the vicinity, Justdial is the best place to begin the search.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I book an appointment before going to a pathology lab in Mumbai?

While an appointment isn’t needed to visit a pathology lab for a test, it is recommended that you book one to avoid rush hours.

2. Do I need to fast before a test?

Not all tests need you to fast before a sample is drawn. Please call and ask at the pathology lab if the respective test requires you to fast or not.

3. When will I get my test results?

Most test results are out within 12-24 hours of the sample being received for testing. Some tests may take longer. Please ask the pathology lab on the timeline.

4. How will I receive my test results?

You can either go visit the pathology lab to collect hard copies of your test results or ask them to email you the soft copy. A few labs also mail the results to your doctor along with you, if you wish.

5. How much do pathology labs in Mumbai charge for tests?

北京28Charges of the tests vary. The approximate range starts at Rs. 100 and go upwards of Rs. 700.

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